This is NOT the Guitar Gospel According to Marcus. This is NOT your Holy Book. I do not want you to believe.

In fact, I want you to doubt. I want you to think for yourself. Forget all that you believed to be true or simply took for granted. Dare to question the information that’s out there. A lot of it is baloney. Half of what you read on guitar forums, obviously, but worse: even manufacturers’ websites contain crappy guidelines.

So now you’re thinking: then how can I be sure this Marcus character knows what he’s talking about? (See how easy that went? You’re starting to question things already!) Well, you can’t. I’m sorry. Reading some of the comments that customers left on my business website might help—or for now, you might just give me the benefit and privilege of your doubt. You’ll find out soon enough.

With this book, I aim to provide you with technical guitar knowledge and some surprising insights that I’ve gathered over the last three decades—four if you’re willing to count my amateur days, when I was merely customizing my own guitars and basses.

(This previous sentence should REALLY set off your alarm! Be especially suspicious or critical when any source, internet or other, presents anything as knowledge! Even when it’s me: I don’t have all the answers. I’m still learning every day.)

That being said: knowledge is one thing, but I aim to give you more.

(Pause for suspense!)

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this, but when something is presented as fact, it’s usually just an opinion in disguise. Not here. I will always make you see WHY a given solution is correct. Like anything else in the world, guitars and other stringed instruments obey the laws of physics. Everything a capable guitar tech does is necessarily done with those laws in mind. I’ll explain them to you, plain and simple. You won’t need a college degree to understand. As a result, you’ll be better armed to separate the internet’s fact from fiction. As a result, you’ll better understand guitars.

And in the end, my friends, THAT will make your music better. Because there’s one thing I DO believe:

When players understand their guitars, they can concentrate on performing the magic. You are no exception. And if you let me, I’ll gladly supply some of that math.

Enjoy my book. Enjoy playing. Enjoy life.

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